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drawing is hard but worth it

2014-04-23 03:39:46 by decoy4love

I am trying hard to wait for my tablet to start drawing, I have paper and an art set but my drawings always end up missing or totally ruined. I would like it if I could keep my art work without worrying that it would get ruined, some ideas were better than the ones I could post up.  how much time do I put in it? a lot. I spend hours trying to draw on my lumpy bed, most of the time I can draw until I am tired...I actually fall asleep drawing. I practice and no one is willing to give me constructive guidance just asking for autograph ( idk if they mean it )...I found out about this place and I love that there is other dedicated artists, I want to make movies,games and comics. Drawing is hard but worth it. ^_^


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2014-04-23 04:14:47

Hello lady!
There is nothing hard in drawing, just have fun from your hobby.

decoy4love responds:

Its hard to keep the artwork safe. lol. I am having fun with the drawings, just hard to keep up with my ideas, so much to do in so little time ? :3 anyways I wanted to improve my art, love the idea of branching out, but hard work should pay out if you work hard enough, or so ppl tell me.
Thanks for the tip, I will take a break when it doesn't seem fun. ^_^


2014-04-23 06:59:56

If you want i will help you...
Just first look at my art...
(i like comments)


2014-04-24 08:50:52

remember to enjoy your time while drawing ^^ do it for your own pleasure not for fame :D

decoy4love responds:

I like drawing and now its more enjoyable with my family ^_^ they all are showing me their artwork, I am so happy to share with them